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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

18 months old

Here are some pictures of Abby at 18 months old

Abby in her CU Buffs jersey


Abby & Leeza - Abby just loves her : )

Abby playing at the park

Running around in her onesie and socks

Playing with popcorn buckets from Disney World

Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer trip to Illinois

This summer we had a chance to visit some family and friends in Illinois. Abby had so much fun hanging out with Luke & Max (Jamie's boys) and her cousins Dakoda, Logan & James (my sister Heather's kids). She also went to her first wedding for my cousins Stephanie and her new husband Ed. She did really good under the circumstances of not really knowing many people and everyone wanting to see her.

So here are some pictures from our trip.

Max, Luke & Abby - snack time
Abby, Max & Luke playing in the water
Me, Abby, Luke, Jamie & Max - the best picture we were able to get with 3 little ones : )
Playing in the pool together

Logan, Dakoda & Abby playing
James & Abby - GO CUBS (this was NOT planned - too funny)
Abby & James playing
Logan, Abby, Dakoda & James playing in the empty pool together
Bath time for Abby & James
Abby & Silvia - it was great to spend some time with my friend
Great Grandma & Grandpa with Abby - what a fun day!
Abby melting Great Grandpa's heart with her smile! : )
Logan, Mamaw, James, Papaw, Abby & Dakoda - all their grandkids together!

We had such a great week with everyone. It was great to have Abby meet everyone and have time to play and catch up. We would have loved to see everyone but there is just never enough time. We love all of our friends and family and have room for anyone who wants to visit out here in Colorado!

Friday, September 10, 2010

July 2010

Here are a few photo's of Abby on her 1st Fourth of July
Abby & Leeza (abby is making noises)

We went swimming at Julie's community pool (Jon's sister). Abby could stay in the water all day long and from the bottom of her feet it looks like she was that day : ) 

cute wrinkled feet! : )

A couple things that Abby loves.... 
climbing the stairs

Sunday ads...YIPEE

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kauai June 2010

Abby is in love with the pool! She didn't care what the temperature was she just splashed and splashed and splashed. She would have stayed in the pool all day if we would have let her.

Here is one of Abby's doing one of her favorite things, scrunching up her nose : ) You can see the ocean behind us, Kauai is just so beautiful!

Abby was playing in her floaty at the hotel and I captured this cute shot of her! She was having so much fun and this was before she went in the pool, she had no idea what was to come.

Here are Jon and Abby, daddy likes to make her look like a thug ; ) It is hard to do when she is in a pink cap though. Waimea Canyon is a small version of the Grand Canyon with green vegetation, it is really beautiful.

This picture doesn't do Waimea Canyon justice but hopefully you can get an idea of what it is like.

We took a trip to the Napali Coast
and this Monk seal was hanging out where we stopped for lunch.
The crew on the boats said that they have never seen a Monk seal that friendly. He just hung out and played with the ropes that were tied to the boats. Pretty cute!

When we first arrived in Kauai, Jon, Abby and I stayed on the north side of Kauai in Princeville. This is the view we had from our patio, it was amazing. There were roosters everywhere just running around and Abby just loved watching them.

We had fun in Kauai and look forward to going again someday. We enjoyed staying up north for a few days and then we stayed on the southern part of the island for the rest of the trip with Jon's parents, his sister and her family. Aloha!

Friday, May 28, 2010

My First Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2010 will always be a very special day to me. I know that I am a mommy to our babies in Heaven but this year I have our little miracle here on earth to celebrate with. We had a wonderful day with breakfast at a place called "Toast" and then we went for a nice walk in Cherry Creek. Later on we went to Home Depot and picked up some flowers for the front of the house.

Pink roses from the Luplow family.

Hanging with Mommy, May 28th

This my Friday off so Abby and I are hanging out. Abby is getting around very easily lately. She seems to have finally figured out how to crawl and she is doing quite well at it.
Here Abby is - she found the pantry and Daddy's animal crackers. Watch out Daddy, it is only a matter of time before Abby is eating these with you!

Here she is crawling around but stopping just long enough for me to take her picture.

Abby is holding onto the rocking chair that Jon had as a child and scrunching up her nose and making noises at me. She has become quite vocal lately.

Here is my tongue, I love tongues and stick mine out as often as I can.

Here is Leeza on the couch trying to stay away from Abby's grasp. Abby likes to pull her hair and hit Leeza and Leeza just lays there, she is the best dog!!

Warm day in May

Here is Abby in a cute outfit she got from her Auntie Christie for Easter. We were very excited to finally be able to wear it last weekend when it finally got warm enough outside.

Abby loves books

Abby really loves to have books read to her. Here she is with a book that she went and got all by herself.